Shipcontroller 750

Shipcontroller is a high-tech remote control system which allows you to maneuver your boat from the most convenient position to perform, with safety and precision, low-speed maneuvers such as docking, anchoring, approaching the fuel dock, or mooring to a buoy. Shipcontroller lets you move along the boat to maneuver from the most convenient position, always keeping full control of the boat.

Cutting-edge Technology

Shipcontroller has been designed from the ground up with the latest technology in mind, with unparalleled features, such as:

  • Multi-speed control.
  • 128-bit cyphered comms.
  • Data display in the remote.
  • And many more...

Information display

The new SCR 750 remote units feature a sunlight-readable display that shows navigation data and other ship information relevant to the task that is being performed.

  • Docking: Heading, speed, depth.
  • Anchoring: Depth, chain counter & ratio.
  • Autopilot: Set course, heading, mode.
  • And several additional information screens...