Shipcontroller 756 JY series

Shipcontroller 756 JY

With all the regular features and functionalities to be found in our previous Shipcontroller systems and our new unique functionalities:

-A brand new menu system, handy and intutitive. Modify the level of thrust applied to your engines or thrusters just by double clicking the corresponding control button or lever.

-Thrust settings that can be applied directly from the remote.

-Hold function for proportional thrusters.

-The Precise Pulse Control system (PPC) for remotes with a display control panel.

-Our exclusive Windlass Memory function.


The "Doble Clic" system allows two levels of thrust for your engines and thrusters, just by double clicking on the corresponding control button or lever.

This function allows you to easily establish and adjust, with just a clic, a constant thrust to your thrusters in order to maintain the boat alongside the dock or jetty.

It is available for proportional thrusters.

The PPC feature allows you to activate your engines at adjustable time intervals, which results in "thrust pulses" that keep the average thrust within the required low speed limits that ensure comfortable and secure docking maneuvers.

This function can also be applied to ON/OFF control thrusters for improved thrust control, and it is only available for remotes with a screen.