Shipcontroller retrofit

Shipcontroller retrofit

If your boat has analogue controls, it is still possible to fit the Shipcontroller remote control in your system.

The Shipcontroller interface for analog control heads is a proprietary patented technology that allows secure interaction with the control head potentiometers, solving the hazardous "parallel connection".

If your boat has mechanical controls, you may contact us in order to update them to a Shipcontroller compatible electronic control system.

Main features

  • It can be used with the control levers in any position. The effect of activating the remote control unit is additive/subtractive to the position of the control levers. There is no risk of damaging the engines or the gears.
  • It allows stepped proportional engine control: multiple throttle speed steps can be used. The dual speed engine control option is available.
  • Additional interfaces may be added to provide with remote control to other control heads.

Safety and reliability

  • There is no risk of damaging the potentiometers in the control head. The interface operation is transparent to the main electronic control unit. No ECU alarms are raised.
  • Galvanic isolation: the potentiometer remains electrically isolated from the Shipcontroller electronics.
  • The interface includes a safety passive bypass system which makes it "electrically transparent" when not in use.

Application examples

VP EDC, earlier EVC series

Automatic control taking procedure. It works perfectly even when VP SPM modules are fitted in the boat. Single or dual speed engine control.