Dynamic Positioning System

New Shipcontroller DPS

The new Shipcontroller DPS is an advanced module that can be incorporated into any boat compatible with the Shipcontroller system.

The Dynamic Positioning System uses high-precision position and actitude sensors to calculate possible errors in the ship's position and heading, and transmits the necessary commands to the thrusters to maintain the orientation and position stable with small margins of error.

Depending on the accuracy of the sensors used and the characteristics of the ship’s propulsion system, the DPS can keep the position and heading of the boat with errors of less than 50 cm and 1 degree, respectively. With the basic sensors, position and heading errors may be of less than 2,5 m and 3,5º degrees.

All Shipcontroller systems equipped with a remote control with a screen can have the DPS dynamic positioning option installed. Although best results are obtained when the boat has thrusters with proportional control, we offer solutions for cases in which there are only two engines and a bow thruster.