Shipcontroller offers a set of unique features that make it the most advanced remote control solution for your boat.

The most advanced Shipcontroller remote units feature a state-of-the-art e-ink hybrid display that makes information clear and easily readable both in low-light conditions and in full direct sunlight. The display control panel shows a set of information screens that will allow you to read navigation data and control several boat systems from the remote unit.

  • Docking screen, with navigation data.
  • Autopilot screen: Set course, mode, etc.
  • Depth graph and alerts.
  • Self status screen: Remote battery, comm status, etc.
  • And more...

Shipcontroller nav data

Navigation and ship status data readings (NMEA-2000, NMEA-0183, Seatalk) are shown in real time directly on the remote control unit. All the information will be presented through different screen modes on a clear, sunlight-readable display.

The system features an NMEA CANbus interface that is connected to your ship's CANbus, so that it can read navigation data coming from all the different devices connected to it.

  • Navigation data: heading, speed, depth.
  • Wind data from an anemometer.
  • Autopilot settings and course.
  • etc.

Shipcontroller: autopilot integration

With a Shipcontroller 750, you will be able to monitor and control the ship's autopilot from the remote.

Change the autopilot's mode and alter the set course just by pressing a button.

This feature is only available for compatible autopilots.

The remote control unit allows control of up to two anchor windlasses.

Remotes with a screen include the chain counter and anchoring ratio calculator functions.

The information screen will pop up automatically when activating any of the windlass controls, displaying information about depth, chain count, and their ratio.

The Windlass Memory remembers the latest windlass used so that when you start the control unit again that windlass is activated.

Shipcontroller encryption

Featuring a 128-bit encrypted bidirectional radio signal, the Shipcontroller system is virtually immune to interference and tampering, making it a reliable and robust wireless solution for motor boats. Our custom communication protocol allows the remote not only to send commands to the boat systems, but also to receive status information from the ship and from the system itself, making it capable of detecting and alerting the pilot of any communication problems.

Featuring a smart information system, the remote unit will switch to the screen with the relevant data for the task at hand.

For instance, when you touch any of the engine controls, the remote will automatically switch to the Docking screen, displaying the heading, speed, and depth information needed to help in the maneuver. If you touch the anchor windlass controls, the screen will switch to the Chain Counter mode, displaying the current depth, chain counter and ratio.

Shipcontroller remote control

The Shipcontroller series of remote control units have been designed with durabilty and usability in mind. With an IP-65 rating, they are protected from water and dust. Their membrane keybord, joystick and levers are robust, and easy to handle without even looking at them. You will be free to focus on the maneuver, not on the remote.

Shipcontroller 3-axis joystick remote units allow you to perform complex maneuvers in an easy way.

Shipcontroller multiple remotes

Shipcontroller Net allows several remote control units to operate in the same ship. Different members in the crew may control the ship, each one using a different remote unit. The system ensures that only one remote can perform maneuvers at a given time. This allows an unprecedented level of flexibility in large vessels.

The innovative technology of the Shipcontroller NET system involves the deployment of a set of CANbus-connected radio transceivers which provide the best coverage for large vessels with metallic decks.

By fitting several transceivers along the ship, the remote will get secure and redundant communication with the system, regardless of your location.