What is the dual speed option?

The dual speed control option in a proportional control of the engine RPM. Our proven dual speed system allows you to have more power in the propeller to assist in maneuvering with strong wind or current. With the dua speed, you can perform five different maneuvers for each engine:

  • Ahead Fast
  • Ahead Slow
  • Neutral
  • Astern Slow
  • Astern Fast

Slow and fast speeds are selected during the Shipcontroller installation procedure, and always refer to low speed maneuvers.

Which charging option is best suited for me?

There are two options when choosing a remote control. The standard, with USB charging, or the wireless charging option.

The USB option is compatible with a standard mobile phone charger, no special charger is required for the remote. The wireless charger allows the remote to be charged by placing it on the surface of the charger, eliminating the need for a USB connector.

Both remote options are IP-65 rated.

Why a double relay?

TheĀ Shipcontroller remote control system features double relay switches. This is necessary, not for security reasons, but due to the need to manage more than two control positions. Thus, for the three possible up, down and neutral anchor windlass positions, two relays will be required, as each of them can control two positions only. Similarly, to switch between the bow, stern and neutral positions of the thrusters, two relays must be used